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# Polarized lightcurves from a magnetized orbitting spot
This dataset contains lightcurves for a spot toy model with polarimetric information.
The model involves a spot that orbits a Kerr black hole in its equatorial plane at a fixed radius. The spot is assumed to
have a half-sphere shape and thus forms a 3D structure that is filled with an opticaly thin gas.
It is threaded with a magnetic field which is vertical in the spot's comoving frame (perpendicular to equatorial plane).
The gas in the spot radiates synchroton emission because of the magnetic field that is locally polarized according to the
oriantation of the magnetic field. For simplicity it is also assumed that the generated photons are 100% polarized.
## Data
The data tarball (lightcurves.tar.gz) contains individual polarized lightcurves, each for a specific set of parameters.
Those parameters are described in the index file (index.dat).
## Questions
With questions you can contact Andreas Eckart (University of Cologne) or Michal Bursa (Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences).
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