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    Add obscuration of primary, polarisation and density dependent tables. · a756705c
    Michal Dovčiak authored
    * Add obscuration of primary X-ray source
    * Add q^2 from axis to the observer to lamp tables to compute impact parameter
      beta of the lamp needed for primary obscuration and change of observed
      polarisation angle of the primary radiation
    * Rename lamp tables to 'KBHlamp80.fits'
    * Add polarisation in KYNlpcr with polarised primary
    * Add polarisation in KYNbb and KYNphebb
    * Create 'goosmann.fits' with local polarisation properties of thermal disc
      radiation for different tau computed with Stokes by Rene Goosmann
    * In KYNbb and KYNphebb, compute contribution of outer disc only if
      rout >= 1000 GM/c^2
    * Add possibility to use Garcia's xillverD-4.fits tables where density
      dependence of the reflection spectra is included (for radial power-law profile
      of the disc density and for constant ionisation of the disc)
    * Add photon flux as output in XSPEC for parameter Stokes=1 when polarisation
      computations are switched on
    * Update documentation